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three times when chris abused mark’s boobs and that one time when mark protected them

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His level of refusing to call Bucky a villain has reached hero status.

Mackie being so supportive, like “yes, you go Seb, find an another description… other works too”

Mackie cracks me up because he just sort of turns and waits like “what’s crazy eyes gonna shut this dude down with this time”

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The marvel fandom´s gifing team waiting for the Age of Ultron Trailer like


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stuckv replied to your post: “stuckv replied to your post:stuckv replied to your post: “y’know what…”:
pls dont rewatch it. please for the love of god dont rewatch it. youre already upset enough and i dont think i could deal with more ward obsessing

well i guess that settles it

you heard it here first folks i’m gonna rewatch aos

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Deadpool Test Footage (x)

Make the damn movie already, Fox!

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but seriously are you rewatching aos or something?? or do you just have random spazms of hating grant ward

i’m actually gonna rewatch it and spam everyone with me liveblogging it but no it’s just like gifsets and shit and ugh fucking grant ward

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